Bruce Laney Gilbert Education Trust
Copy of Will Hull & Hull Direct Court Letter The Trust Copy of Family Tree Newsletter 2003

October 23/2003


Dear Sir or Madam:

The purpose of this NEWSLETTER is to bring you current on the status of BRUCE L. GILBERT ESTATE. Since our last news letter of August 17/2001 the following is a summary of developments so far. If you wish to receive copies of any of the documents , letters and transactions please feel free to contact any of the trustees via phone, fax or email or contact us via the website.

On May 14 2003 we were finally able to get the court appearance to get a ruling on the Estate and proposed Trust. The Court determined that the will was valid and the Trust constitutes a valid non-charitable or private trust for the benefit of the eligible group. The court also gave direction as to how, to whom, and the way in which funds may be distributed, invested and controlled for future beneficiaries and Educational Institutions.

We the Trustees also received direction from our legal department on all matters of the now formed BRUCE GILBERT EDUCATION TRUST.

The trust is now in the position to start to award funds to those beneficiaries of The Bruce L. Gilbert Estate Who qualify under the rules of the Will of Bruce L. Gilbert. These funds will be dispersed in February and March of each calendar year, in Canadian Funds, based on the direction and rules of the recent court declaration and direction of Lisbeth Hollaman of Hull and Hull. Those students that meet the requirements set out in accordance with the Will and court direction can ask for the BRUCE GILBERT EDUCATION TRUST GRANT APPLICATION by contacting any of the trustees via phone, fax, email or via the website;

Those students that were enrolled in educational activities from April 24/1999 till present may apply.

We are also in the process of having a financial advisor assist with the investments of the remaining funds. To enable them to do this they have requested an estimate of students that will most likely be requiring funds each year for the next 10 years. So if you people could contact any of the Trustees and give us an estimate of these students it would help in the investing and financial planning so we can be sure to have the most funds available in the years requiring them.

Please remember to keep us updated on any and address changes and additions to families as this will be the last news letter going out. The responsibility is on the beneficiaries to contact the Trust or Trustees for the application for funds.

The BRUCE GILBERT EDUCTION TRUST can be contacted as follows;

9A Addie Street
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 2J9
705-746-4700 - home
705-774-0821 - cell

17 Andrea Cres.
Orillia, ON
L3V 6Y1
705-323-9184 - home
705-327-4760 - cell